Tired of being uncomfortable all day?

The problem is your bra doesn’t fit.

I’ve spent 20 years fitting thousands of women from all walks of life and sizes. How much more time will you spend being uncomfortable?



“Carla made me feel so comfortable during the fitting process and taught me how a bra should fit.

Then she became the Mary Poppins of bras, bringing all different styles and colors to see what I liked. She takes note of every single bra you try on so she can track your likes and dislikes. If you like a bra, she wants to know why so she can tailor suggestions. But if you don’t like a bra and you’re just not sure why, that’s okay too – no judgment. I ended up with a simple nude bra and a sports bra, both of which fit me so much better!” —Katie U.



You’ll never know all that it keeps you from doing and being until you make a change. As an Industry Certified Master Bra Fitter, I’ve helped tens of thousands of women find comfort and confidence in their skin through a correctly fitted bra.


Three easy steps, one fabulous result!

FIRST- Schedule an appointment for your


SECOND – We talk about what you like, listen to you and your body providing viable options.

THIRD- We find what works for you and your unique body.

THE RESULT- One happy, confident women that is comfortable in her bra! There’s no obligation, only relief.

“Best bra fitting I’ve ever had!

Excellent customer service, the store has a great ambiance as well. Just a really great overall experience. Carla was a gem and I will most definitely be returning for sure to expand my intimates collection.”—Shay Joyner



Check out our Blog Post, What to Expect about the Uplift Fitting Process and then Book Your Complimentary Bra Fitting Today!

We also get numerous questions about laundering intimates. To help, we’ve created an information sheet on the how’s of laundry for all your intimates. Download Laundering Your Intimates Here

Wearing the right bra, underwear that fits, and the right pair of shoes (we have nothing to do with shoes), we believe anyone can tackle all life throws our way.

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“Hallelujah, my ladies feel amazing in my new bra!

Personal service and time is what Uplift provides me. This is where you shop when you want to up your foundation/bra/game. I had a great time and am so happy with my purchases. I also like that it is a locally, woman-owned business! — Lassi Elise